Way ahead
of the times

Through direct contact with end customers in company-owned shoe shops, Salamander was quick to recognise the importance of sensory perception, which can be created through quality materials and the design of holistic product experiences; in this, it was well ahead of its time.

Jakob Sigle – the founder of what would become Salamander AG

He was a pioneer in the industrial production of shoes and a real innovator with his concept of the vertical integration of his own shoe shops. The central pillars of his company were inventiveness and the desire for progress. The heel material “Melvo”, which at the time was made of leather fibres, cellulose and resin glue, has been in production since 1919. As early as 1936, Salamander used its in-house produced leather-like leather fibre materials in heel counters and insoles. Today, our unique material sensory worlds, which we continue to improve and develop for new applications and supply to customers around the world, are based on these decades of production experience and the ongoing optimisation of product properties.