Surfaces are antibacterial and resistant to disinfectants

Press release

Salamander Premium Solutions relies on innovative processes and offers additional benefits for attractive surfaces upon customer request. From now on, the improved surfaces can be ordered from the world market leader for quality leather fibre fabric with the addition "resistance to disinfectants". Salamander thus offers its customers an important product advantage to convince them in times of Corona through increased safety, robustness and durability - which is particularly advantageous for use in the catering and household sectors.

The antibacterial surfaces are another additional offer of our design-oriented surfaces: Additives make the surface antibacterial, so that contamination is not possible. You can be sure that our surfaces or materials remain of high quality and offer you maximum safety if desired.

If you would like to know more about the antibacterial and disinfectant-resistant surfaces of our material solutions, please contact our sales department: Hubertus Rollenhagen,