Salamander Premium Solutions presents itself at Lineapelle Milano

Press release

On September 22, Salamander Premium Solutions will present itself at the most important international trade fair for the leather processing industry - Lineapelle in Milan, Italy. As the world's oldest, largest and qualitatively leading manufacturer of leather fiber materials, Salamander offers numerous industries and successful brand companies innovative, unique material experiences and at the same time supports them as a reliable partner in the development of "closed loop concepts".

Thanks to more than 100 years of company history, Salamander Premium Solutions is able to homogeneously combine know-how and tradition of leather craftsmanship with modern design, sustainability and innovation - true to the maxim tradition meets future.
The driving force is always the creation of individual, high-performance and sustainable premium leather fiber materials from high-quality leather cuttings and renewable resources.

Sensory product experiences with a high-quality leather touch - see. feel. smell. +

CEO Götz Schmiedeknecht emphasizes: "As a global market and quality leader, we are pioneers in the production of tangible materials from natural, renewable resources. Our mission is to create natural, individual and, above all, sustainable material solutions from leather cuttings that can be perceived in many ways with our human senses according to the motto "see, feel, smell" and with a good feeling of sustainability."
Thus, cooperating companies are offered sensory product experiences with a high-quality leather touch, whose visual, haptic and olfactory experience is in no way inferior to that of natural leather.
With the new creation of the "Sustainable Hybrid Fibre Fabric", Salamander Premium Solutions focuses on unique surfaces with individual scents as well as inspiring color concepts and appeals to natural patterns of perception with these holistic experience solutions.

Colour by Poetry® - Inspired by Goethe's color theory

Thus, Goethe's research on physiological color perception serves as a source of inspiration in the development of a harmonious color palette for Salamander Premium Solutions' experiential material solutions. With the "Colour by Poetry" concept, Salamander takes into account the intense, subconscious meaning of colors that affects the human psyche and body.

Sustainable material cycles - responsibility for the environment

With material solutions made from renewable recyclables and thanks to the implementation of closed-loop concepts for customers, Salamander makes an active contribution to environmental protection. Starting with the production of shoe heels from recycled leather offcuts in the early hours of the 20th century, Salamander is continuously thinking ahead in line with the pioneering spirit of its founder Jakob Sigle, actively combating the waste of resources, and for over 100 years has been returning leather offcuts and scraps mixed with natural, renewable ingredients to the material cycle through a highly intelligent, finely tuned manufacturing process.
Blue electricity from the company's own hydroelectric power plant with a self-built natural fish ladder are proof of the company's conscious sustainable strategy. The company's own multi-stage wastewater treatment plant treats the wastewater chemically, biologically and mechanically. The quality and purity of the wastewater far exceeds the legal requirements.

Certified sustainability

For years, Salamander Premium Solutions' leather fiber materials have proudly carried the recognized Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX award. In addition, since 2014 SPS has voluntarily undergone regular certification in accordance with the European standard EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and is thus monitored in accordance with the most comprehensive eco-energy and environmental audit system in the European Union. Accordingly, Salamander is the first energy and environmentally certified leather fiber fabric manufacturer in the world.

Professional partnership

Salamander positions itself at Lineapelle as an experienced partner for companies with an affinity for leather and leather processing, and provides professional support in taking the first steps towards climate neutrality and C02 reduction. The long-standing and consciously sustainable production experience thus enables potential partners an authentic climate protection strategy and a systematically climate-conscious procurement of natural-based materials. The sustainable premium leather fiber materials are particularly stable, resilient and hard-wearing from the ground up. Thus, with Salamander premium base material, companies rely on a reliable product that is optimally designed for precise, high-quality processing.
From September 22-24, 2021, interested parties now have the opportunity to approach Salamander Premium Solutions at Lineapelle Milano (Italy) and get to know it better. The international trade fair for the leather processing industry in Italy sees its focus not only in the area of creativity, quality, luxury and exclusivity, but also in the ecological sustainability of the exhibited products.

Contact: Bernhard Schnaus
Phone: +49 163 7870 510

Date - 22nd to 24th September 2021
Time - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location - Lineapelle Milano, Hall 22, S07-09/ T10