Colour by Poetry®

Our Inspiration: Goethe's Color Theory

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, with his work "Color Wheel to Symbolize the Human Mind and Soul" from 1809, provided a holistic description and understanding of color theory. Even two centuries after its first publication, the description of the nature of color remains relevant. Specifically, the results obtained over many years of research into color physiology and the effects of color on humans still provide valuable insights for designers, graphic artists, and interior designers today. Goethe himself valued the results of his research on color higher than those of his entire literary work.

Experience teaches us that individual colors evoke specific moods.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Inspiring Color Concept - Color Gives the Product Its True Character

Goethe's insights into physiological color perception inspired us to develop a harmonious color palette for our material solutions, allowing you to effectively incorporate color into your product design. All our colors are meticulously conceived, with nuances matched and classified. The colors have an intense, unconscious significance that affects the human psyche and body, triggering a sensory perception of your products: This is "Colour by Poetry®."

Our Color Selection
Ihre Wunschfarbe übermitteln Sie uns durch die Auswahl aus der RAL-, Pantone- oder NCS-Farbpalette, durch CIELAB-Farbwerte und einfach durch Ihre eigenes individuelles Farbmuster in der Größe 10 x 10 cm.