Certified Sustainability

Our mission is to create individual and above all sustainable material solutions from leather scraps and natural materials, which are perceived by the human senses according to the motto "see, feel, smell" and are conceived from the beginning in closed product cycles. Embedded in professional service support, we are your long-term strategic development partner.

Circular Concepts

Sustainably designed products are more in demand in the market today than ever before, and all raw materials are valuable resources. Our expertise with circular concepts offers you a platform from the very beginning of product design that includes the possibilities for the further use of raw materials.

Infinite Design Possibilities

Your possibilities for extraordinary surface-refined design options are almost limitless. This creates unique material solutions for every requirement. Our material experts are happy to advise you on the visual, tactile, and olfactory characteristics of your individual material solution.

We Close High-Quality & Sustainable Material Loops

High-quality offcuts from the leather processing industry are valuable resources for us, which we have been reintroducing into the material cycle through a highly intelligent manufacturing process for over 100 years. As a reliable partner for brand companies, we support you in developing "closed-loop concepts" by using your offcuts as the basis for manufacturing your individual product solutions, ensuring consistent quality, making them perfect for industrial production.