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Our drive is the creation of sustainable and high-performance material experiences from high-quality and renewable resources, setting standards in modern and holistic product design. Our material solutions provide your products with maximum performance as well as a variety of high-quality surface design options in terms of appearance, feel, smell, and the good feeling of sustainability. The result: Unique performance in product properties and configurable sensory premium products that stand out in the audiovisually saturated world.

  • # Hybrid-Fibre-Fabric

  • # Unique Surfaces

  • # Quality Embossing

  • # Inspiring Color Concept

  • # Matte Colors

  • # Over 132 Color Variants

  • # High-Quality Leather Toucht

  • # Ultimate Sense of Value

  • # Certified Quality

  • # Confirmed Perception Association

  • # Unique Product Experience

  • # Olfactory High Quality

  • # Expectation Confirmation

  • # Unique Experience

  • # Inspiring Multidimensionality

  • # Recuced CO2 Footprint

  • # Closed Material Loop

  • # Certified Sustainability

  • # Made in Germany

Certified Sustainability & Quality

High-quality certificates for ingredients (OEKO-TEX), energy & environment (ISO 14001, ISO 50001, EMAS), quality (ISO 9001): Responsible handling of raw materials and environmental protection are among the most significant challenges of our time. We are aware of this responsibility.

With a passion for design. Cohera is our high-quality recycled leather fiber material and is ideally suited as a surface-refined carrier material for unique, holistic, and sustainable design products. Our material experts master the high-quality standards for industrial mass production to perfection and are highly valued by our brand customers worldwide.

Certified, high-performance, and sustainable quality leather fiber material for high-performance shoe components. With Performa, you rely on a dependable product that is optimally designed for precise, high-quality processing and maximum stress. Quality brand shoes worldwide trust in the tested, certified, and high-performance material components.

loopSkin – We Close High-Quality & Sustainable Material Loops

Made in Germany. At the beginning of the 20th century, we started producing shoe heels from reprocessed leather scraps from Salamander shoe production. With over 100 years of expertise, innovative power in reprocessing leather cuttings, and designing sensory surfaces, we support unique, sustainable product experiences that engage all the senses.