Sensory Product Experiences

High-Quality Leather Touch

Modern product design focuses on sustainability, performance, and conscious aesthetics, touch, and scent. In almost all industries and products, the unique properties of our quality leather fiber material offer a wide range of applications.

Quality Shoes

For over 100 years, Salamander has stood for quality in footwear. Quality brand shoes worldwide trust in our tested and certified material components. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are the market leader in Italy for traditional heel counter materials made from leather fiber. Moreover, virtually all renowned brand shoes trust in our quality when it comes to heel counters made from leather fiber (Salpa). With our name and the inscription "SALAMANDER" on our products, we traditionally guarantee the highest quality of our heel counter leather fiber materials.

In addition, Salamander produces a variety of essential materials with optimized properties for quality components, creating a unique shoe experience:

  • • Shoe frames

  • • Outsoles

  • • Insoles

  • • Upper insoles

  • • Heel construction


We are the partner for sustainable loop concepts in the automotive industry. Due to our high quality understanding and assurance, as well as a mature industrial scalability, we offer forward-thinking developers products for the modern interiors of tomorrow.

Interior Design

With our sustainable design materials, you can freely express yourself and enhance your customers' living spaces with a variety of customized products through the power of good design. The selected materials harmonize with the character of a room and the people who live in it. With individual forms that are aligned with the architecture that surrounds people.


Unique materials for the creation of your table decorations. Whether it's placemats, trays, or other decorative products, we offer you unique material experiences for the creation of your table-top products in many colors, shapes, and textures. This way, you create unforgettable experiences around a beautifully set table, suitable for any occasion.


The ultimate product experience begins with unique packaging, thereby making a significant value contribution. We specifically help to realize concepts and showcase products that fascinate customers, tailored to human perception.

Lifestyle Accessories

Expressive and attractive collections tell stories that emotionally engage and captivate customers. Color design possibilities, surface presentation, valuable scent, and the modern demand for sustainability become part of your designs and products through our product range. Designers and brands worldwide trust our certified material quality and inspire with sustainable style options.


Thanks to our diverse material options, we offer special covers that leave a distinctive first impression. Our natural material includes a tactile-sensory level: the scent, the feel, and the unique materiality communicate an appreciation to the customers. This gives your notebook, calendar, or book its own unique character.


Salamander Window & Door Systems makes windows something special: With specially developed interior surfaces from our company, the window becomes a part of your living style and connects living spaces and the facade. Enjoy all the advantages of a window system from Salamander – with the appearance and feel of our tangible materials. Customize your home down to the smallest detail and create a vibrant interior with individual character.


We believe that home furnishings reflect the personality of their users and shape the sensory perception of people. Therefore, we work every day on material experiences that give your product that special something and positively influence the thoughts and feelings of the residents through good design. This results in furniture that touches and inspires.

Floor Coverings

For more comfort in every room: When architects plan houses, the use of individual materials is an important detail, especially for the floor. With our diverse material experiences, you create unique, easy-to-maintain design floors that fit any modern interior design.