Refined surface for
holistic product design

Consumers want to experience the product

"Consumers are inspired and convinced by holistic product experiences!" – our motivation is to develop a material that meets this high demand in many dimensions. cohera – stands like no other solution for a visually highly appealing material that makes you want to touch it, a surface finish that more than confirms the visual claim it makes, and a pleasant, high-quality smell that rounds off the experience of the material. On top of that, sustainability in the sense of "feeling better about doing better" charges every possible product design made of our material with deep emotion.

cohera sets standards

  • High visual appeal (surface structure and colour concept)
  • Has a pleasantly warm, high-quality feel
  • Features a natural smell of leather, natural fats and waxes as well as natural latex
  • Is malleable
  • Is highly abrasion resistant
  • Is lightfast & UV resistant
  • Is resistant to household, non-corrosive and abrasive chemicals and foods
  • Is OEKO-TEX® Leather Standard certified and REACH compliant by conviction

Corium and Hera become cohera

cohera is a neologism from the Latin word for leather "Corium" and "Hera", the Greek goddess of rebirth and wife of Zeus. The combination of these terms stands for the sensual and at the same time aesthetic perception of leather and the rebirth of a premium material solution with a wide range of properties. cohera therefore embodies the design aspirations of Salamander Premium Solutions' material worlds. cohera is a versatile circular material solution based on high-quality leather section for a wide range of design product designs.

What is uttered from the heart alone,
will win the hearts of others
to your own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Colour by Poetry®

Colours have an intense, unconscious direct effect on the human psyche as well as the body and evoke unique emotions. This knowledge has inspired us to develop a harmonious colour concept for our material solutions. Using our concept, you can effectively channel emotions and use them for your product design. All our colours have been meticulously developed, the nuances carefully matched and classified. This is "Colour by Poetry®", which was inspired by Germany's greatest poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and his theory of colour, developed in 1809, in which the "circle of colours is a symbol of the human mind and soul". Even more than two centuries after its first publication, his description of the essence of colours is still highly topical. In particular, his findings from many years of research on colour physiology and the effect of colours on humans continue to provide valuable information for designers, graphic artists and interior decorators today.
Goethe himself valued the results of his research on colour more highly than his entire literary output.
The inscription in the "concentric and radial" fields is from Goethe's pen. In the inner ring are the following colours and their meanings:
red - beautiful, orange - noble, yellow - good,
green - useful, blue - collective, violet - superfluous.
The six colours emanate into the outer ring, so that four segments are involved in two colours each. These are associated with the four areas of the human mind and soul:
orange - reason, yellow/green - intellect, green/blue -
sensuality, blue/violet - imagination.